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This very first blog for BOW WOW FLASK entitled “In Memory Of”, is written in tribute
to one of the projects two founders, “PAPA RICH” Miano. Edward Huls and Papa Rich first met one another “out and about” Honolulu’s evening music & social scene, as both men had a very keen love for music, especially live music. And so it was that the two of them were always in attendance at the live performances of two of Hawai’i’s rising stars, TAIMANE and TAVANA.

PAPA RICH Miano had already established himself as a local legend, by being both the
“Birdman of Waikiki”, and the founder/Owner of one of Waikiki’s hottest most popular
nightClubs, “NASHVILLE” A forever entrepreneur with never-ending ideas, concepts,
brainstorms & angles on “how to make-a-buck”, Papa Rich came from Boston (where
he founded one of the rowdiest bikerBars in Massachusetts, “Bonnie & Clyde’s”).
He came to Hawaii in the early 70’s and realized the potential of Waikiki with thousands of
international visitors pouring into it each and every week.

So being the entrepreneur and visionary he was, Papa Rich bought himself a “parrot”
(you heard me right), along with an Instamatic camera. Huh ?
He and that parrot he named “Foxy Lady”, were inseparable for the next 15-years as
they walked up & down the busy sideWalks of Waikiki, engaging tourists with a warm
“Aloha” and then offering them to have their photo snapped with Foxy Lady sitting on
their shoulder. Needless to say the idea caught-on as Papa Rich began making money
“hand-over-fist” as happy tourists would lineUp to have their picture taken with the
colorful passerine perched on their shoulder
You gotta remember this was back-in-the-day, before the advent of “smart phone
cameras” and digital pictures. So it was up to PAPA RICH to snap that momentous
photo of that tourist with Foxy Lady perched on his shoulder, and then make an
agreement with that tourist that he would come to his hotel room later that evening
with the photo, and if the tourist liked it, he would pay Papa Rich $10 for it !!
It was then up to Papa Rich to walk over to the local Woolworths in Waikiki and to their
photo department. Take that roll of film out of the Instamatic camera, turn it over to the
photo technician who would develop the photos from the film and would have it ready
for Papa Rich to pickUp later at the end of the day 

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